Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well Christmas season is upon us and I love to get my craft on!!! One of my dear friends Mrs. Kim wanted to have a Christmas party for all of her girl friends. Well I tossed out the idea to make it a Pinterest Christmas Party. She totally agreed and thought it was a great idea. The rules of the party were for everyone to find a craft to hand make off of Pinterest-under $15.00. She also asked that everyone make a dish they found off of Pinterest.  I LOVE to get my craft on so I was all over this party!!! 

BUT WHAT TO MAKE!!!! Well first things first where my friends are there is always wine.  So I hand painted wine glasses for all the ladies to take home with them.  My friend gave me a great idea off of Pinterest and that was to paint the bottom of the glass with chalkboard paint. Well I did and they turned out so cute!!!!!!!!

Welcome Friends!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I've always got a lot going on in my life and thought I'd share my journey with everyone. So here goes nothing!!